Top 5 Best Travel places in Asia

travel places in asia

Asia has one 0f the best travelling place to visit. Asia that the largest continent on earth. Its cover 9% of the earth’s total area (or 30% of its land area).Asia means concerning Asia or its people, customs, or languages. Asia made from 48 countries , check out the map of Asia .the countries of Asia are very different and their cultures have little in common. The people of Asia all have very different cultures and beliefs the Asia country has many various religions and languages , the present populations of Asia is 4,712,984,428 ,and also like 59.76% of the entire world population. .


Here is the list of most beautiful travel places in Asia

  •  Mount Everest
  •  Dead sea
  •  The great china wall
  •  Taj mahal
  •  Sardar vallabbhaipatel statue

Mount Everest

Mount Everest

Mount Everest is one of the most beautiful travel place in Asia to visit. Tibet- Nepal border ,its discovered to be the world’s highest mountain in 1856 by the survey department of the govt of India.

Regardless of the mountain you select ,its height will pale as compared with mars’ Olympus mons, the most important known volcano within the solar system. Its features a height of around 16 miles (25 km) consistent with NASSA, which is nearly 3 times taller than Everest and therefore the base of 374 miles(601.9km) in diameter.

Reaching the elevation of 29,032 feet { 8,849 meters}, Everest is that the highest mountain within the world, It seem like best and peaceful travel place to visit a tourers. it is considered the tallest point on earth.

The first women to summit Everest was the Japanese climber tabeijunko,she reached the highest from south col in 2016 melissaaront became the primary American women to succeed in top of Everest without use of oxygen.

summit 1984 ,she was conferred with Indian fourth highest civilian award the padamashri in 1984.

Death Sea

Death Sea

The Dead Sea is the place who loves the nature, it could be a best travel place to visit in is also called salt sea. The Dead Sea may be a salt lake bordered by Jordan to the east and Israel and therefore the West Bank to the west.

The Dead Sea has rock bottom elevation and his rock bottom body of the water ion the surface of earth.

The surface level of the lake was some 1300 feet (400 meters) below water level .

Th Dead Sea may be a popular international destination for the medical tourism industry, in the water mud, zinc, and oxygen rich air has been clinically proved within the treatment of psoriasis and other skin diseases.

The Dead Sea is one among the saltiest bodies of water on earth with almost 10 times quite ordinary seawater.

It is deep enough that January along the roads that’s winds right down to the shore causes yours ears to pop as they are doing on an aircrafts coming in to land.

The area round the sea has a longtime tourism place to travel and visit and therefore the health industry due to the water unique properties.

To reach the present water level must alight the rocks cross busy highway make your way through a thicket of marshy plants and also across the trek yawing tract is in 2km..

The United States government despatcher navel expedition to explore the Jordan the maximum amount religious and scientific or navigational

Its very hard to swimming within the Dead Sea ,the water within the sea is extremely salty and disgusting almost everything is dead

The average temperature are form 32 to 39 degree Centigrade within the summer and winter the climate between 20 to23 degree Centigrade .

The region was weakened uv radiation and high oxygen content thanks to the atmospheric pressure

The large saltwater predecessor of the Dead Sea is named “lake lisan”and also Dead Sea are surrounding are herod the good ,jesus of Nazareth ,and john the batiste.

The Great China Wall

The Great China Wall

It is the place which is best for everyone to travel this place in Asia. The great wall was built as the country boundary and the great wall of china is 21,196.18km (1500 to 5000 miles but archaeological survey carried out in 2012 by the china state government).

The great china wall built for more than 1800 years, the china wall is made up of several walls.

Roosters are used to guide dead to cross over, the wall is made up of earth and stones its stretches from the china sea seaports and shanhaiguan into Gansu province.

The great china wall is protected and unite territories of Chinese states and empires against various nomadic groups.

The great china wall is famous over and is always bucket list of any tourist visiting place.

The great china wall is longest man-made structure in the world but that isn’t its only significance.

The great china wall was built as a military defensive line to defend the invasions from some northennomadics nations.

The wall also boosted the economy as well as promoted the culture exchange by most of peoples visiting this place, and national integration of two different sides of nations.

The great wall is build with 300,000 soldiers in the qin dynasty and its took time of 9 years, most of peoples believe that thousands upon thousands of workers died building the china wall and also were buried inside its.

The wall’s starting point at the east of shanhaiopass and ending point west of jiayu pass. The great china wall was extends about 7300 kilometers from the shehnai pass on the east coast to the jizya pass in mordengansu province.



The Tajmahal name is believed to have been drawn from Persian “Taj meaning crown and mahal meaning palace”, Its number 1st wonder of the world taj is the best travelling place for newly married couples.

The Taj mahal was created by emperor shahjahan for his lovely wife Mumtaz begum.

The originally name of queen arjumand begum, held the name “mumtaz”. The love between shahjahan and Mumtaz made a beautiful monument is one of the seventh wonder in the world.

The Taj mahal is an ivory-white marble mausoleum on the right bank of the river Yamuna in the Indian city of was constructed by the Mughal emperor Ustadahmadlahori was a Mughal architect who’s said to be chief architect of the Tajmahal in agra,india, the tajmahal was built between 1632 and 1648 during the ruling period of Mughal emperor shahjahan

It has Islamic calligraphy inscriptions all over, the architecture of Taj mahal is a combination of Islamic Persian and Indian style.

The placement of the taj mahal four minarets its 130 feet tall spires at the edge of the platform, it was hardly uncommon for massive architectural venture to fall victim to their weight.

The taj mahal indeed a wonder many senses, the colour tajmahal as per the time and condition of the sky, during early morning its gives out a pinkish, and evening time looks like a milky white, at night under the moon light , the taj mahal gives out light blue hue.



The statue of unity has been created as a tribute to the “Iron Man of India” , sardar Vallabhbhai patel, October 31 born in nadiad in 1875. Our first prime minster and home minster of India is sardar vallabhbhai patel.

His father jhaver bhai was a farmer and his mother ladba was an ordinary housewife, Patel married is jhaverbapatel and they have two children’s .

The prime minister Narendra Modi will be dedicated to the country the statue of unity in kevadiya , tribal village in Gujarat in naramada district. The height of standing statue is 597 feet’s from ground level has left behind many a towering structure across the world.

The statue is an international tourist travel place in Asia destination , since it is the tallest statue in the world, it’s the statue value 3000 crores by the government of India for the project attracted several people and political parities .

Use a face cover and mask is mandatory for all visitors. No photography within the permission is allowed. The visitors should have been stick to time limits inside the attraction, outside food eating before the security area, beyond security area no food allowed.

The patel statue of unity entry ticket price 120 rupees for adults and 60 rupees for kids, the dress code is no guideline, any valley flower, memorial, museum, and audio visual gallery site and the sarovar dam, the total statue project seen the time only two hours are enough.

patel death commonly know as a heart attack, occurs decreases blood flow or stops to the coronary artery of heart, and also damage heart muscles 15 Dec 1950 in Bombay.

patel was know as “Iron Man” because of his self- power, determination, loyalty, conviction, courage and passion for work.

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